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June, 2008

Changes to the Home Page

Well. . . it's been a long time since I've had anything new to report . This site is still my labour of love but I'm so busy these days that I haven't been consistent with posting new recipes each week. So, I've decided to change the home page header from "This Week's Recipe" to "Feature Recipe". Until further notice I'll be posting new feature recipes as time permits. With literally hundreds of recipes added over our nine years online I'm sure visitors have plenty to browse. Thank you for your understanding.

Healthy Shopping Page Still Under Construction

We have made a lot of sales through our Amazon affiliation. Thanks to everyone for their support! It would seem that most of you prefer shopping via our text links or search boxes rather than the Amazon store and so we have discontinued the store. This means the Healthy Shopping page is currently under construction (and has been for a while). We hope to have it completed soon with text links to popular items sold via our site.

January, 2007

New "On Film" Page

For a little more interest and fun, we're adding a new "On Film" page. Here, holistic nutritionist Ricardo van Sertima will be reviewing films, television shows and documentaries about nutrition, health and environmental issues. The reviews will be added approximately every two to three months, depending on Ricardo's availability as a volunteer writer. Ricardo is uniquely qualified to write for this page; not only is he a nutritionist, he also has a degree in theatre from the University of Ottawa.

September, 2006

Healthy Shopping page

To help finance this site and to promote a healthy lifestyle, this new page will feature various shopping venues carefully selected for their quality health products. Right now we have our first shopping venue online: our very own store that we created through our affiliation with We are excited about this new feature and hope you will enjoy browsing a wide selection of health products. Each season Robin (webmaster) will be featuring products that she has hand selected. Check out the new store now!

Note: Through our new new store we can offer products in a variety of categories such as Apparel, Books, Health & Personal Care, Kitchen & Housewares, Magazine Subscriptions, Natural Baby Products, Natural Beauty, Natural Grocery, Stress Relief Music, Yoga DVDs, and Yoga Products. We are still fine tuning the selections in these categories. This is a very new program from Amazon and we expect they will improve the level of flexibility we can have with our shopping categories. Note also, that because we can offer books through our store, we are no longer planning a separate book store. That link has been replaced by our healthy shopping page.

July, 2006

Monthly Quiz

Today is September 2nd, so this update is a little late!

Back in July we started adding a little monthly quiz to test your knowledge about natural health, nutrition/foods, herbs, and other related topics. The correct answer for each quiz can be found somewhere on our site. Have fun! Go to quiz now.

News Page Temporarily Unavailable

Unfortunately, NewsGoblin is no longer offering its free news feed service. We are currently investigating other services and hope to get this feature going again soon!

March, 2006

Updated Design

Welcome to the NEW RecipeNet! Our updated design is finally online. We hope you like the new colour scheme and find the site easier to navigate. Most of our old recipes and articles are still online. We are in the process of converting the old recipes into the new design format, and expect that this will take some time to accomplish. All the new recipes however, will be in the new format.


We are planning on featuring a new recipe on the home page each week; this recipe will be incorporated into one of our recipe categories. You will notice that we have added some new categories. In doing so, we hope that a broader range of health conscious people will be able to find the types of recipes they are looking for.


We will no longer be taking new subscriptions or e-mailing subscribers about updates to the site. This process became too time consuming as our site became more popular. We hope you will visit us weekly for each new recipe.

Health News and Feature Articles

You will also notice health related news articles on our home page with a link to read more of them on the news page itself. Updated every few days, these articles are fed to our site by NewsGoblin. Feature articles will be added sporadically depending on the time availability of our volunteers. The newest articles submitted will be featured on the home page as well as the feature articles page.

Financing This Site

RecipeNet is now being financed through Google ads, and by being an associate of For more information please see our support this site page.

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