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FennelsFennel Citrus Salad

All ingredients are to taste:

Fennel, finely chopped
Oranges, chopped
Pink grapefruit, chopped
Blood oranges, chopped
Baby spinach, chopped
Sweet brown rice vinegar, dash


Mix all ingredients and serve.

* Webmaster's Note

I have labeled this recipe as RF (raw food) though I'm not sure if the vinegar is available as a raw ingredient. The recipe can be made without it, if you are a raw food purist.

"The fennel blends well with the sweet citrus fruits in this salad, resulting in a unique flavour. The baby spinach adds the extra nutrition of a green vegetable. Easy to make. Highly recommended! Available at Rainbow Natural Foods as a take-out item."

Robin Russell, Tester

Recipe by: Emma Prost

Recipe published: Summer, 2008

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