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Sugar-Free Raw Chocolates

Yield: 24 small chocolates

These chocolates are different in both texture and taste than regular chocolates. They melt smoothly in the mouth and the chocolate taste comes out after a few seconds. They are best savoured slowly rather than chewed quickly. The flavour is that of bitter-sweet dark chocolate.


3 tbs coconut oil
1 tbs flax oil
1/2 tbs soy lecithin
3 - 3 1/2 tbs raw chocolate powder
6 - 8 drops liquid stevia extract
Chocolate molds


Roughly measure coconut oil and place in a glass dish. Place the dish in a slightly larger bowl of warm water, and let coconut oil melt. You can stir it periodically to help it along.

When melted, measure three accurate tablespoons of coconut oil into a two cup glass measuring cup. Add flax oil and whisk together. Pour any leftover coconut oil back into container.

Add rest of ingredients and blend well. Taste, adjust chocolate and stevia, and blend again. It is very important to blend the mixture thoroughly. A hand blender works very well.

Pour mixture into molds and place in fridge for an hour or until solid. Pop chocolates out of molds and store in a container in the fridge. Serve on a chilled plate.


Helpful Hints

This recipe was tested using soy lecithin granules. The best tool to blend this product into the mixture is a hand blender. If you do not have one, you may wish to try powdered or liquid lecithin. Please note that while we think the difference should be negligible, the recipe has not been tested with these forms of lecithin.

Not only do these chocolates melt in the mouth, they also melt in your hands. Use molds that make chocolates small enough to pop into the mouth in one piece.

You can experiment with this recipe adding a few drops of vanilla, peppermint or orange extract, or any other flavour to your liking.

Recipe by: Robin Russell

"I played around with ingredients in my kitchen until the chocolates came out the way I wanted. I then passed some around my workplace and the consensus was two thumbs up! As these chocolates are made from raw ingredients, contain flax oil and are free of sugar and trans fats, they are a healthier option to regular chocolates. However, coconut oil is still a saturated fat, so enjoy these in moderation."

This recipe was tested using:

Omega Nutrition Coconut oil
Glen Andrews Flax Oil
Nature's First Law Organic Raw Chocolate Powder
NOW brand Stevia Liquid Extract

For nutritional information on raw chocolate and more recipe ideas, consider reading The Naked Chocolate by David Wolfe and Shazzie.

Recipe published: Winter, 2007

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