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Home Made Hemp Milk

Hemp SeedHemp milk has a rich, nutty flavour. It is an excellent substitute for dairy or soy milk and is very nutritious to boot. Because hulled hemp seed is somewhat soft, it blends up faster and easier than other seeds & nuts typically used to make non-dairy milks. Hemp milk is best consumed raw as heating denatures the essential fatty acids which are an important nutritional element in this food.


2 1/2 cups ice cold water
1 cup raw, hulled hemp seed


Place ingredients in blender and whiz on highest speed for a few minutes or until smooth. Strain through an unbleached coffee filter (basket style) or nut milk bag if desired. Store in a glass jar in the fridge. Use within a couple of days. Shake before using. You can alter the proportion of hemp seed to water if you prefer your milk to be thicker or thinner.

Vita-Mix Directions

If you are using a Vita-Mix, replace one cup of the water with one cup of ice to ensure hemp milk stays cold. Walk speed up to high and blend for about two minutes. Straining should not be necessary.

Recipe by: Robin Russell, Webmaster

"I first tried hemp milk in a pre-packaged tetra pack. Although I did enjoy it, I found it too sweet with the added natural sugar. I decided to try making my own and was very pleased with the results. Not only was the milk less sweet but it tasted much fresher too. I like using hemp milk in my morning smoothie.

This recipe was tested using Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seed Nut.

Recipe published: Summer, 2007

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