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Hemp Berry Smoothie
Mixed BerriesVN, RF, GF, SF, NS

Yield: one serving


1 cup hemp milk
3/4 cup blueberries, raspberries or
-- mixed berries, frozen
1 serving protein powder of choice, unflavoured
1 serving berry flavoured green food supplement
Liquid stevia extract, to taste (optional)


Place ingredients in blender and whiz until smooth. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy! Adjust the hemp milk or frozen ingredients if you prefer a smoothie that is thicker or thinner.

Helpful Hints

Green food supplements and protein powders are generally available in either naturally flavoured or unflavoured varieties. I like using an unflavoured protein powder and a flavoured green food supplement in this recipe. However, you might like the opposite, or prefer both or neither to be flavoured. Let you own palette guide you. If using flavoured products be sure to choose ones that use stevia instead of sugar as a sweetener. If using unflavoured products, check the sweetness of your smoothie and add a few drops of stevia if needed.


For variety, you can switch the berries in this recipe to frozen banana. Add a tablespoon or two of carob or cocoa powder for a decadent taste! With this variation be sure to choose a green food and protein powder that will complement the flavour.

Recipe by: Robin Russell, Webmaster

Recipe published: Summer, 2007

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