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Faucet with SpongesCream Scrub

Yield: 1 batch

I like to use a mild cream scrub on my bathtub but couldn't find a recipe that suited my needs. I wanted a moist product with sanitizing properties that would not dry out when stored. I ended up combining elements of two recipes: one I found on the Internet and one from Simply Clean's recipe booklet. The following is the end result. Hope you like it!


1 cup baking soda (mild abrasive)
1 - 2 tbs borax powder (sanitizer)
Liquid vegetable based cleaning soap (plain)
2 tsp vegetable glycerine (humectant)
Essential oils (optional)


Mix baking soda and borax together. Add liquid vegetable soap until product reaches desired consistency. Add vegetable glycerine and essential oils (if using). Mix well. Store in a plastic container or plastic squeeze bottle. Use on any surface that can tolerate a mild abrasive such as porcelain or stainless steel sinks, enamel tubs, toilets, etc.

Helpful Hints

If you plan to store your cream scrub in a squeeze bottle make sure it is not too stiff or it will not come out easily and could clog the opening. It should be runny enough so you can shake it before using.

If you prefer a thicker product, you are better off storing your cream scrub in a plastic container such as Tupperware or an old yogurt container. Use a spoon to stir before using and to scoop out the product.

The borax acts as a natural sanitizer so folks who prefer a fragrance-free product do not have to add essential oils for this purpose. However, If you prefer a pleasant fragrance you can add an essential oil such as lavender, tea tree, pine, lemon, or whatever is to your liking.

Most essential oils have some antimicrobial properties and will help punch up the sanitizing action of your scrub. Tea tree oil is an especially effective sanitizer. It has a strong clean fragrance that can stand alone or be combined with another fragrance. Both lemon and lavender combine well with tea tree oil. Let your nose guide the number of drops you add. Start with 10 and add more if needed. For safety and precautions in using essential oils please visit Em's place.

Recipe by: Robin Russell

"I like this cream scrub recipe because it is ready to use whenever I'm ready to clean. I don't add the essential oils to the recipe. Instead, I add a few drops during the cleaning process. This way I can choose a fragrance I'm in the mood for that day. Some days I prefer to keep it fragrance-free."

This recipe was tested using:

Baking Soda & Borax (brown bag line by Simply Clean)
Nature Clean All Purpose Cleaning Lotion
Now Brand Vegetable Glycerine

Recipe published: Spring, 2007

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Above photo from stock.xchange. These body sponges are great for cleaning sinks and tubs. When you buy a new one, save your old one for cleaning purposes.

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