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Acai Almonds & Honey Smoothie

Yield: 1 Serving

This smoothie is a hearty blend of almond milk, acai, and frozen banana. As Sambazon Pure Acai contains no sugars, a little honey is needed. This recipe is designed for a Vita-Mix, but is easily adapted to a regular blender. Almonds add calcium, healthy fats and protein to this smoothie. A Vita-Mix can blend the almonds so smooth that the milk does not need to be strained, thus adding additional fiber. All ingredients in this smoothie are excellent for combating stress.


10 oz ice-cold water
1/4 cup raw almonds
1 ea banana, frozen
1ea Sambazon frozen Acai smoothie pack
3 tsp flax oil
2 tsp honey, or to taste
1/4 tsp stevia liquid extract, or to taste
1 tsp spirulina (optional)
-- OR unflavoured mixed green food powder (optional)
1 serving protein powder of choice


To freeze your banana, simply peel, wrap in cellophane, and leave in the freezer overnight.

Place almonds and ice water in Vita-Mix. Walk speed up to 10 and then switch to high. Blend for two minutes. Remove container from base and add rest of ingredients. Walk speed up to 10 and switch to high, pressing frozen ingredients into the blades with tamper. Blend until smooth.

For regular blenders replace the almonds and water with 10 oz of pre-made almond milk, either store purchased or home made. You will need to break up the banana and frozen smoothie pack. If necessary, you may wish to thaw the acai pack before using. For the best creamy texture however, the banana should be frozen.

This is a very satisfying smoothie. I used Cool Hemp unflavoured protein powder. The spirulina or greens powder is optional because in this recipe it makes the smoothie a grey colour. If that's not a problem for you then go ahead and add this highly beneficial ingredient.

I chose to sweeten this recipe with a combination of stevia and honey. You may use all honey or all stevia if that is your preference. The flax oil was measured in teaspoons (3 tsp = 1 tbs). This way, if you use the same teaspoon to measure the honey it will not stick to the spoon.

I used the pure acai frozen pack; however, the original acai would probably work well in this recipe. It contains guarana seed extract for added stamina and has a little green cane sugar for sweetness. If you use the original acai frozen pack, I suggest tasting your smoothie before adding honey and stevia.

Sambazon Pure Acai Frozen Smoothie Pack   Sambazon Original Acai Frozen Smoothie Pack

For more information on acai, please see our article - Acai: Nature's energy fruit from the Amazon rainforest .

Recipe by: Robin Russell, webmaster

Recipe published: Spring, 2006

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