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Tea for the Common Cold
by Colleen Hulett

This recipe is a very old gypsy formula used successfully by many herbalists to help combat the common cold. It acts to tone the mucous membranes while decongesting the nose and sinuses. The tea also combats fevers and helps one to sweat out toxins. Adding a pinch of ginger powder to each cup will help warm up our hands and feet, promote perspiration and soothe a sore throat.


1 part yarrow flowers
1 part peppermint leaves
1 part elder flowers


Mix all ingredients together. Store in a dark glass jar away from heat and light. To make tea: pour one cup of boiling water for each teaspoon of tea mix used. Cover tightly and steep 15-20 minutes. Strain and serve.


Adults/Adolescents: Drink (as hot as you can handle) three to four cups daily to alleviate cold symptoms.

Children 6-12: Sip 1/2 cup, three times daily. If needed, add to warm juice.

Children 2-6: Sip 1/4 cup, three times daily. If needed, add to warm juice.

Colleen has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography and has been a practicing herbalist since 1996. She is currently studying The Science and Art of Herbology with revered herbalist Rosemary Gladstar.

Recipe published: Winter, 2001

Webmaster's Notes

If you are following the Blood Type Diet, this tea is compatible with all four blood types. For tips on how to refine this formula for types A and AB as well as other tips for all blood types please refer to Colleen's article: Winter Herbs for your Blood Type.

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