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Peter's Total Body Detox Tea

Spring and Autumn are the best times of the year to do an internal cleansing. The following 17 herbs are known for their excellent detoxifying properties. You can combine all herbs listed for a thorough detox formula in the following proportions:

4 tbs dandelion leaf (kidneys)
3 tbs dandelion root (liver, gallbladder)
2 tbs burdock root (blood, liver, gallbladder)
3 tbs milkthistle seed, crushed (liver, gallbladder)
3 tbs speedwell (stomach, skin, lungs, general tonic)
3 tbs knotgrass (kidneys, colon, lungs)
2 tbs sheep sorrel (blood, kidneys)
3 tbs cleavers (lymph, kidneys)
4 tbs lemon balm (digestive tonic, nervine)
4 tbs pau d'arco (blood, parasites)
4 tbs horsetail (kidneys, skin)
5 tbs red clover (blood)
2 tbs chickweed (lymph, colon)
2 tbs angelica root (liver, digestive tonic)
3 tbs yarrow herb (liver, gallbladder, blood, gen. tonic)
5 tbs nettle leaf (kidneys, blood, general tonic, nutritive)
4 tbs plantain (skin, lungs, gastric system, internal healer, antiseptic)

Preparing the Tea

This tea is simple to prepare, costs less than most detox kits and lasts for five to six weeks (more than twice as long as most kits). Simply combine all herbs in proportions listed in a jar. Store tightly covered in a cool dry place away from direct light.

To use: bring one and a half cups spring or distilled water to light simmer on stove (water should be moving but not bubbling). Use a non-metal pot. Add two teaspoons of mixture and let simmer for about 10 minutes, keeping lid on pot. Strain into cup.

Heavier herbs may settle to the bottom of the jar so stir well before each use. To save time you can make enough tea for two days. Store in a tightly covered glass jar in the refrigerator. You can drink leftover tea cold or warm depending on your preference. If you choose to reheat, avoid use of microwave, and do not allow to boil.

Your Detox Program

Before starting any detox program, you should check with your health care provider to ensure the herbs you are using do not interact with other medicines you may be taking and are not contraindicated for any illness you may have. Depending on your individual needs, and the advice of your health care provider, you may wish to make your own custom formula using any of the herbs listed above.

Whatever formula you use, the tea should be taken between meals. Drink one cup of detox tea per day for 3 days, then 2 cups per day for one week, then 2 -3 cups per day until mixture is finished.

Avoid sugar, dairy, processed foods, fatty foods, flour and caffeine during your cleanse. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, lean protein foods (beans, lentils, fish, organic chicken, nuts), whole grains and healthy oils (flax, olive, hemp or a combination blend such as Udo's Choice).

Side Effects

When your body is cleansing itself of toxins there may be some uncomfortable side effects. Although they can vary greatly from person to person, some examples include: loose bowels, fatigue, skin rash and headaches. To control side effects you can drink fewer cups of tea per day, lower the amount of tea mixture used per cup of water or interrupt the cleanse for a couple of days. If side effects persist or are bothersome, speak to your health care provider.

Recipe by: Peter Quenter, herbalist and homeopath.

Peter works as the staff herbalist at Mother Earth Natural Health which has an large selection of bulk medicinal herbs.

Recipe published: Spring, 2006

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Above photos: left: dandelion; right: red clover.

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