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Rose PetalsRose Bath a la Cleopatra

This recipe is almost as foamy as a bubble bath and smells heavenly. A very romantic bath that's also great for the skin. Includes directions for preparation with a Vitamix or regular blender.


1 liter milk
Rose water OR rose essential oil as desired
Fresh rose petals - organic if possible


Blend milk in Vitamix slowly waking speed up to high. Blend until warm, steamy and frothy. Pour into warm bath water. Add rose water or a few drops of rose essential oil and swish. For large deep tubs you may want to double this recipe. Toss a couple handfuls of fresh rose petals on top of the bath water. Place a bowl of tasty fruit nuggets at the side of the tub if desired.

Suggestions for Regular Blender

Heat milk on stovetop or in microwave until just steaming. Transfer into blender and buzz until frothy. This recipe has not been tested using this method. If you tried it we would appreciate any comments you wish to send.

Recipe by: Robin Russell


"This wonderfully fragrant bath is foamy and sizzles almost like a bubble bath but with no soapy film. The ingredients are simple and natural. Highly recommended. I used goat's milk and Clic brand rose water."

Recipe published: Winter, 2008

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