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Rose PetalsChocolate Rose Milk Bath

For anyone who just can't get enough chocolate this recipe and the suggested side dishes will put you in chocolate heaven! Includes directions for preparation with a Vitamix or regular blender.


1 liter milk
1/8 cup chocolate powder
1/2 tbs dried, powdered rose petals OR
-- dash of rosewater
Fresh rose petals - organic if possible (optional)


Blend all ingredients except fresh rose petals in the Vitamix slowly waking speed up to high. Blend until warm and steamy. Pour into warm bath water and swish. For large deep tubs you may want to double this recipe. If using fresh rose petals, toss a couple handfuls on top of the bath water. For a tasty treat with your bath, have a bowl of fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate at the side of the tub. You could also try the decadently delicious Fruit Nuggets.

Suggestions for Regular Blender

Blend ingredients until very smooth. Transfer to pot and heat until just steaming. Transfer back to blender and buzz until frothy. This recipe has not been tested using this method. If you tried it we would appreciate any comments you wish to send.

Cautionary Notes

This recipe may leave a slight tan coloured stain on the bottom of your tub. Do not fret! See comments below for cleaning enamel tubs. If you own a fiberglass tub and want to keep it pristine, use this recipe at your own risk or try our Rose Bath a la Cleopatra as an alternative.

Recipe by: Robin Russell with helpful ideas from Ashley Sinclair


"This bath was literally like soaking in a large vat of hot chocolate. It smelled wonderful and the Vitamix made the milk luscious and frothy. My skin felt nice and soft afterwards. If you are creating a romantic bath with (or for) your sweetheart, I highly recommend adding the fresh rose petals. I did not use them but feel it would have made the bath much prettier.

The only downfall was the slight tan coloured stain on the bottom of the tub which still baffles me because I really did not expect any of the ingredients to cause this problem. The stain did come off with a mixture of plain white vinegar and baking soda. With the plug in, I poured in enough vinegar to cover the bottom and added baking soda to make a paste. I spread the paste all over the stained areas and let it sit for a couple of hours. Next, I scrubbed the tub with an old nylon bath flower.

I cleaned the tub the day after I made the chocolate bath (who wants to scrub right after a relaxing soak?), and the stain still came off OK. For me, this was worth the effort to try this recipe -- I adore chocolate!-- but if it seems like too much of a risk or too much trouble for you then I suggest trying Rose Bath a la Cleopatra. This is a truly beautiful and heavenly bath and cleanup is not an issue."

Recipe published: Winter, 2008

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