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I have always had a passion for writing and editing, particularly when the subject matter is important to me. This website is no exception. I designed it with technical support from my computer whiz husband after learning from a naturopathic doctor that I have food sensitivities.

 When people start a new diet they often don't know how to prepare meals that exclude ingredients they have always used or that include unfamiliar ingredients. I personally found it difficult to work around my own food sensitivities and often referred to my husband's vast recipe database to find ones with ingredients that fit in with my new diet. I then decided to create a website so I could share recipes with others who may also be having difficulties.

Recipes for Natural Health was launched in March, 1999, under its former name, "Online Recipe Network". It started out with four recipe categories:  Vegetarian, Wheat-Free Baking, Healthier Desserts (formerly Guilt-Free Desserts) and RecipeNet Kitchen. Over the years I broadened its scope, adding Natural Body Care (formerly Health & Beauty) Blood Type Diet and Herb Corner.

About a year after starting this website I acquired a job in a health food store which turned out to be one of the most interesting and fulfilling positions I have ever held. Many of my colleagues contribute to this website as volunteers, and I am grateful for their time, energy and enthusiasm. I am also grateful for all my family and friends who have generously contributed their time.

Managing the creative content of this site with the help of knowledgeable and enthusiastic contributors has been a truly rewarding experience. We have received positive feedback from visitors looking for information as well as holistic health practitioners who refer their clients here.

In September 2000, the Online Recipe Network became Recipes for Natural Health. Thanks to our sponsor, Rainbow Natural Foods, we had the funds to register our domain name,, and purchase domain hosting services .What started out as a little site that I uploaded in my free web space turned into a site with hundreds of recipes and hundreds of visitors from all over the world.

In the Summer of 2003, my husband and I purchased a house which needed a lot of renovations. I was unable to use my computer for about six months, and even after it was hooked up, we were still very busy dealing with the household chaos.

RecipeNet remained online but was dormant for about two and a half years. In the Fall of 2005, I wanted to get back into the swing of things. By now the site was looking tired and I was not happy with its organization. To give it a fresh new look, I took on the big job of redesigning all the pages as well as implementing some new ideas.

I hope previous visitors like the changes I have made. If you are stopping by for the first time I hope you find some useful information here.


Robin L. Russell, Webmaster
Recipes for Natural Health

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