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Wild Game Recipes

Dr. D'Adamo lists some wild game meats for certain blood types. In fact venison is recommended as highly beneficial  for types O and B. Rabbit is highly beneficial for types B and AB, and neutral for type O. The following are some recipes for those interested in trying wild game:

Venison Steaks (type O and B recipe)
Venison Stroganoff (type B recipe)
Piquant Meat Loaf (type O and B recipe)
Rabbit Pie (type O, B, and AB recipe)

Although type A can eat some meat, there were no wild game meats listed as beneficial or neutral for this type. One possible exception would be wild turkey. All blood types can have turkey. Dr. D'Adamo does not distinguish between domesticated and wild turkey in his lists so we assume there would be no difference between the two as far as blood type compatibility goes. Wild turkey will likely be leaner and have a stronger flavour than domesticated. We found some wild turkey recipes via the Google search engine that could be adapted to suit individual blood types. Although some contain ingredients that Dr. D'Adamo would not recommend (for example, margarine), these can be substituted with healthier alternatives from your blood type lists. Please note that we have not tested any of the wild turkey recipes at the above link.

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