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Holiday Recipes

Blood Type Holiday Desserts

Carob Fondue (for all blood types- use fruits suitable for your blood type. Type O should use plain or carob flavoured soy milk in place of vanilla).

Multigrain Shortbread Cookies (for all blood types- use a combination of flours that work best for your type; Os should omit vanilla; Bs should use butter in place of canola oil).

Vegetarian Holiday Main Dishes

Tofu Turkey (for all blood types - A, B and AB need to substitute another kind of oil such as olive oil) Stuff with Wild Rice Pilaf, if desired.

Wild Rice Pilaf (O, A and AB friendly - all need to substitute lemon for orange; Os require a different mushroom such as abalone, enoki or portabello; ABs need to substitute a different kind of nut for the hazelnuts).

Vegetarian Nut Roast (AB friendly)

White Cloud Inn Baked Nut Loaf (AB friendly)

Lentil Nut Loaf (A and AB friendly- choose oils, nuts, bread crumbs and mixed herbs that are compatible with your blood type).

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