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The crock pot: an alternative bread machine
by  Robin Russell
How does the crock pot compare to the bread machine? Instead of upgrading to the latest bread machine model would we be better off just getting a crock pot? Article includes recipes for wheat and spelt breads.

Sweet Stevia
courtesy, Rainbow Natural Foods
Stevia is a natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. It has no calories, does not raise blood sugars and is suitable for candida sufferers.

Christmas Dinner and the Sole Vegetarian
by Adrienne Russell
A personal story about compromise when one family member decides to become a vegetarian.

Surviving the Holidays with Celiac Disease
by Sandy Cole
Tips for attending parties, dining out and taking care of yourself during the stressful holiday season.

Bread Machine Success
by Robin Russell
Wheat-free baking in a bread machine.

Hemp Seed: Functional Food for the Future
by Kelly Smith
Hemp is one of our oldest and most versatile plants and has been documented as far back as early as the 28th century BC.   Cannabis sativa, which is the Latin term for "useful hemp," is now making a comeback in the food and textile industries.

101 Uses for Hemp
by  Robin Russell with Jeff Dudgeon
Kelly Smith's article stated that hemp can be used in 25,0000 products.  While we can't list every single product here, we WILL list 101 uses for hemp (seed and stalk), in the following categories:  Food, Healing, Toiletries, Textile, Household and Industrial. This article also provides hemp information links, book reviews and an editorial cartoon.

Book Review: Bread Machine Baking
for Better Health

by Robin Russell
For anyone on any kind of restricted diet this book is loaded with special bread recipes. In addition to its selection of basic bread recipes, it contains ones that are  wheat free; gluten free; high fiber; high protein; lactose free; low sodium; low fat/cholesterol/egg free; and milk free.

Substitutes for Wheat in Baking
by Robin Russell
As you continue to browse this web site, you will find recipes containing many different flours in the wheat-free section, some of which may be unfamiliar to you. The following charts will provide you with some basic information about various non-wheat flours you may come across in our recipes

Summer Barbecuing Veggie Style
by Robin Russell
Love a great barbecue but don't want to eat meat? Opt for a veggie barbecue.   Here you'll get tips on grilling veggies, along with some recipes for you to try.

Book Review: Vegetarian Food (Collins Gem)
by Robin Russell
Often when people begin a vegetarian diet they enthusiastically acquire new recipes only to find there are numerous ingredients they've never heard of.  "Vegetarian Food" is a valuable addition to a new vegetarian kitchen.

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