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Food Allergies vs. Food Sensitivities
by Richard Luczak
When we say we are "allergic" to a certain food, are we actually having an allergic reaction or do we really have a food sensitivity? This article explains the difference between allergies and sensitivities and describes a variety of supplements that help alleviate symptoms.

Amaranth - The Grain With A Future
courtesy, Grain Process Enterprises Ltd.
An interesting fact sheet on this high protein, virtually gluten-free grain.

Natural cleansing grains: an important step
to healthy facial skin

by Colleen Hulett

There are more reasons than you may have guessed why it's important to exfoliate our skin and use natural ingredients. Learn how to make your own cleansing grains with Colleen's simple recipe designed with the beginner in mind.

Quinoa: the mother grain
courtesy, Grain Process Enterprises Ltd.
Quinoa (pronounced "keen-wa") is another gluten-free alternative for those sensitive to wheat. This article covers the history, nutritional content and practical use of this lesser known grain.

All about beans
by Robin Russell
When it comes to beans are your culinary skills limited to opening cans and using a microwave? Find out how to cook all types of beans from scratch, and learn about their nutritional benefits. Included in this article are a few bean-based recipes to try; all are vegetarian and gluten-free.

How to choose quality herbs for teas
by Colleen Hulett
This article provides tips on buying quality herbs either in bulk or in tea bags. Determining herb freshness, and issues such as tea bag bleaching and sealing are discussed. Includes recipes for Winter tea and Nutritious Calcium Tea

Tis the Season to start your own traditions!
by Lorraine Picot
A lighthearted article on how to eat healthy and avoid chocolate during the Holiday season.

Wholistic approach helpful in treating depression
courtesy, Rainbow Natural Foods
This article discusses how diet and lifestyle can affect depression.

Flax: a few basic facts
by Robin Russell
An in-depth article on the health benefits of flax seed; includes tips on purchasing and storing flax, and flax products.

Beyond soda: green water hydrates
and refreshes

by Robin Russell
Chlorophyll water is an excellent alternative to soda when your thirst needs quenching.

Healthier Halloween Treats
by Helen Beaulieu
Healthy home-made treats to serve at a Halloween party.

Baking Substitutions: how to work around common food allergies
courtesy, Rainbow Natural Foods
Tips for people with various food allergies such as wheat, gluten, dairy and eggs

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