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Summer, 2001

Adventures in Vita-Mixing
by Robin Russell

The latest happenings in my kitchen have involved my newly acquired Vita-Mix. Here I'll talk about my experiences in using the machine. Those who already own one will get some new recipes to try; those who don't can learn about this fantastic, versatile appliance.

As the Vita-Mix is fairly expensive it took me a long time to decide whether or not to invest in one. For my own situation, I finally decided the benefits outweighed the drawbacks. Here is what I have found:


The Vita-Mix's powerful motor processes whole raw foods into juices, smoothies, soups, nut/seed milks/butters, ice cream and much more. It has helped me increase my intake of fresh whole fruits and vegetables even when I'm pressed for time.

One versatile well-made machine allowed me to sell some of my old 2nd rate appliances that were cluttering my small kitchen (blender, food processor, juicer). The Vita-Mix can also replace an ice cream maker, bread machine and grain mill. According the Vita-Mix web site this machine (Super 5000 model) can do 35 kitchen tasks.

Whole-food fruit and vegetable juices are smooth without any pulp extraction. This means less waste, especially for people who don't have access to a compost.

I used to make almond milk in an ordinary blender which resulted in a lot of leftover pulp. I could make cookies out of the pulp. . . but there are only so many cookies one can make! When using the Vita-Mix, less almonds are needed to make the same concentration and there is minimal pulp leftover. In fact, you could even drink the milk unstrained unless you prefer it very smooth. You can make any kind of nut or seed milk.

The Super 5000 model has a separate container for grinding grains which is great for those who want flours at their optimum freshness - purchasing whole grains is usually less expensive than purchasing ready-made flour.

Friction heat is used for making soup. . . it only gets hot enough to eat and I find that soup tastes much fresher this way. The flavours are richer and more full-bodied, and the soup does not have the same "cooked" taste as stove-top heating.

The Vita-Mix is its own dishwasher which makes for quick'n easy cleanup!

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