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Fall, 2006

Vegetarian Lunch Box Ideas

Waste-Free Lunch Box courtesy, Rainbow Natural Foods

Pack a lunch and snacks for kids and teens.

The Basics

Keep Them Well Fed

Growing children and teens need to be well fed all day. They use up lots of energy in all their school activities and that includes sitting at a desk and absorbing information. Good nutritious food is a key part in a good education. The challenge to feeding your family at school lies in the short lunch periods, fussy appetites and peer pressure. Providing a variety of tasty meals will ensure your child's lunch does not become monotonous.

Keep it Clean and Safe

Safe food preparation and appropriate food containers for keeping meals chilled or hot are important too. Check out these websites for food safety tips:

Canadian Food Inspection Agency
(in search engine type Lunch to go)

Garlic Acres: Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Get Participation

Do you want the healthy, wholesome lunch you packed to be eaten, forgotten or traded away for junkier foods? The best way to get the food consumed by your own child is to have their participation about what goes into the lunch box. Use a food guide to provide the basis for your balanced lunch box selections. Talk with your kids to find out what they like that falls within the realm of good nutrition and work out a system that allows a variety of tasty choices that can be mixed and matched each day. Check out these websites for some of the creative ways parents have gotten their kids to choose the foods they like and still keep the meals healthy.

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