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Fall, 2006

A Traditional Vegan Thanksgiving
courtesy, Rainbow Natural Foods

HarvestThanksgiving without the Bird

The Thanksgiving holiday is a celebration of harvest, bounty, security for the coming winter and the solidarity of the family and of the community. We mark such celebrations with seasonal foods and, traditionally, a turkey occupies center stage.

The meal is heavily weighted to provide as much animal protein and fat as possible. For the vegetarian or vegan dining with friends and family, the feast can loose some of its appeal as their choice of dishes becomes limited.

Delicious vegan dishes can complement a traditional meal or can stand alone as a repast fit for kings. All participants in the feast can enjoy the bounty of the season and not suffer from lack of variety or flavour.

This year try out these vegan recipes that provide a complete Thanksgiving dinner. Add the bird for your omnivorous friends and family, but let the whole meal bask in the golden autumn light.

Saffron Aioli (appetizer)
Vegan Chestnut Soup
Salad: Coleslaw

Greens and Veggie Side Dishes
Herb Roasted Root Vegetables
Tempeh Casserole with Nuts & Rices

Vegan Pumpkin Pie
Mulled Apple Cider


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