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Summer, 2006

Grains and Beans Salads
courtesy Rainbow Natural Foods

Complete Meals for at Home or on the Move

Salads made with grains and beans offer a wide variety of flavours and textures and better yet, they provide a complete protein complement. This makes them handy for lunches, side dishes, picnics and foods-on-the-go.

Whether you are a vegetarian or an omnivore, a salad made with grains or beans is a satisfying and flavourful option for a whole meal or a side dish. Properly stored, these salads can be saved for several days in the fridge. Picnics, potlucks and unexpected guests are no problem if you have a handy bean salad.

When cooking grains or beans as hot side dishes, prepare a little extra and the next day you can create a salad with the leftovers. In the hot days of summer, having ready ingredients on hand, you can make a delicious meal without over heating the house.

Dressings for grain and bean salads are light so as to complement the ingredients without overshadowing the robust flavours and textures of the salad mix. These salads are often better tasting after having rested a few hours (or overnight) before serving because the dressing has had a chance to be absorbed by the beans or grains and the flavours have blended together better.

To serve salads, put them on a base of mixed greens and/or sprouts and garnish them with chopped fresh herbs.

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