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Spring, 2006

An Earth Day Resolution:

"I don't want to use old-growth forests to wipe my backside. . . I will support companies that manufacture bathroom tissue from recycled and post-consumer fibers."

Many people do not realize that old-growth forests are being flushed down the toilet each day. According to the Greenpeace website, much of the Boreal forest that stretches across Russia and Canada has already been clear-cut or is earmarked for clearance in order to make disposable products such as facial tissues and toilet paper. The Boreal forest is home to many endangered animal species, and is a very important source of oxygen for sustaining life on this planet.

By choosing 100% recycled products you can help preserve these forests.

Canadian boreal forest which is under threat from logging.
Canadian Boreal forest which is under threat from logging.
© Greenpeace / Giguere, Ray.
15 September 1998
Alberta, Canada

Recycled vs Post-Consumer Fibers

A product that is 100% recycled is not necessarily made from post-consumer fibers. Recycled fibers can include wood chips and cardboard/paper scraps left over from manufactured items such as wooden boards, cardboard boxes and sheets of paper. Post-consumer fibers include those materials that have already been used by consumers and put out for recycling.

Purchasing products made from post-consumer fibers helps ensure demand for these products within the paper industry. Consciously filling your recycling box with your waste paper helps ensure these manufacturers have a continuous supply of the materials they need.

Choosing 100% Recycled Products

Some companies that make recycled paper products have a higher percentage of post-consumer fibers than others. To make an informed decision about which brands you'd like to use, please check out the following shopping guides:

United States: National Resources Defense Council

Here's wishing everyone a happy Earth Day 2006!

Robin Russell, webmaster

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